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Man in business jacket holding hands around 3-D illustration of a transparent toothTechnology in the field of dentistry often evolves at a rapid pace. Recent significant advancements include digital imaging, laser therapy, and dental implants, to name just a few. The great benefit to patients is the ability to get dental work done faster, more precisely, and more comfortably than ever before. However, not all practices are willing or able to invest in the best dental technology. At the Chicago, IL, practice of Dr. Scott Emalfarb, we have always placed a high priority on using advanced products and techniques to achieve the most favorable outcomes possible. If you would like to learn more about how our doctors' investment in the best technology improves every area of our practice, contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Contemporary Digital Diagnostic X-rays from DEXIS®

Platinum sensors are the key element behind the remarkable images the DEXIS® x-ray system can produce. Its advanced hardware and software deliver subtleties in x-ray imaging that are crucial to diagnosis. Importantly, DEXIS® x-rays expose patients to 30% less radiation than traditional radiographs. Getting x-rays taken is also much more comfortable due to the sensor’s small size and smooth, rounded shape.

Digital CariVu™ 

Also from DEXIS®, the CariVu™ is a small, comfortable device that detects dental cavities and cracks by bathing the teeth in near-infrared light. An alternative to x-rays, this diagnostic method uses DIFOTI technology (Digital Imaging Fiber Optic TransIllumination) to create images similar to x-rays, without using any radiation whatsoever. CariVu™ enables us to give well-rounded, comprehensive care to our patients who are vulnerable to the effects of radiation (i.e. pregnant, recent chemo/radiation therapy, etc.) and for those patients who do not want to have an x-ray.

DEXIS® Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera of the highest quality, the DEXcam™ 3 features a seven-element optical lens, four bright LED lights, an internal prism and a Sony sensor for clear, high-definition images. This is an excellent diagnostic tool that also allows us to display images and video on a screen to clearly explain your dental condition.

Kerr SonicFill™ Composite Filling System

We are one of the few dental practices currently using this innovative bonding system for posterior dental fillings. SonicFill™ makes getting a filling much faster and easier, with fantastic restorative and cosmetic results. The proprietary composite resin material reacts to sonic energy that flows through the application tool, making it easy for Dr. Emalfarb to fill a cavity quickly and precisely and then shape it immediately for a perfect fit. The average time saved is approximately 30% compared to conventional fillings.

Digital Panoramic X-ray Machine

Panoramic x-rays are capable of creating an image that shows both jaws, all the teeth, the sinuses and nasal cavity, the temporomandibular joints, and other nearby structures in a single radiograph. With digital technology, the image can be viewed instantly and stored and transferred easily. Other advantages include:

  • Patient convenience (no films placed inside the mouth)
  • Low radiation
  • Short time required to take the x-ray

Biolase® Dental Laser ezlase™ 940   

Dental lasers shape tissue using a precise beam of light energy. They can perform a wide range of procedures quicker, more comfortably, and with less healing time than traditional methods. The ezlase™ has advanced features that make it even more comfortable and efficient than other dental lasers. Capable of working efficiently at a lower power with less heat, ezlase™ 940 is so comfortable that most procedures require only a topical anesthetic.

3M™ True Definition Scanner 

Digital dentistry for better patient care. We are proud to offer digital impressions with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. Accurate, fast and comfortable, the scanner captures a 3D “impression” or model of your teeth to help us produce better fitting restorations like crowns and bridges—or even to make clear aligners. Short on time? We can offer same day restorations. One appointment. No temporaries. So you can get on with your life! Investing in technology. Investing in you.

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