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Why Choose Dentures?

The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry even projects that in the United States alone, the number of adults needing partial or full dentures will reach at least 37.9 million by 2020. Here at Lake View Dental Associates in Lake View, IL, dentures remain among the most popular teeth replacement options used by our dentist Dr. Scott Emalfarb. As one of the top choices for replacing missing teeth, the question now is, why should you choose dentures?

Improves Self-Esteem

Losing your teeth will not only impact the functionality of your mouth but it can also dampen your spirits. Getting dentures will help fill out the gaps left behind by your missing teeth. This renews your self-esteem because you regain your former look and maybe even improve on it.

Minimal Diet Restrictions

The fear that dentures can break if you don’t watch what you eat isn’t completely accurate. Keep in mind that even your natural teeth would break if you bite into something that is excessively hard. Contrary to what many believe, dentures are strong enough to allow you to eat almost all of your favorite food. There isn’t anything to give up on your choice of food, they even restore your ability to enjoy food again. Just avoid too many sugary foods and drinks because it isn’t good for your health anyway.

Restore Speech Functionality

Missing teeth can have a significant effect on the way you talk. You may find it challenging to pronounce certain words or even experience a hissing sound as you talk. This is mostly because of the gaps in your teeth. By getting dentures, you remove the gaps, allowing you to restore your ability to talk properly. This won’t happen overnight though, as your mouth and your tongue needs to get used to the presence of your dentures so that you can speak with ease.

Improve Oral Health

It is a known fact that missing teeth can harm your oral health. Getting dentures helps you improve your oral and overall health by minimizing the potential growth of cavity-causing bacteria that can breed in the gaps between your teeth. Your dentures will likewise help you lower your risk of developing tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.

Having dentures will definitely take some time to get used to. It may feel a bit awkward for a few weeks until you grow into them. It is normal for your dentures to feel a little loose at the start. This is because you need to give your tongue and cheek muscles time to adjust so that your dentures stay firmly in place.

Minor soreness, irritation, and a temporary increase in saliva flow are all normal experiences. Keep up with the scheduled follow-up appointments with your dentist in Lake View, IL, to make sure that your dentures are checked and adjusted properly.

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