Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Tooth and Preserve Your Smile

If you have an infected or otherwise severely damaged tooth, Dr. Scott A. Emalfarb may be able to save it with root canal therapy. During your procedure at Lake View Dental Associates in Chicago, IL, Dr. Emalfarb can remove the nerve and pulp of your tooth before replacing it with a material called gutta percha. Finally, he can fully restore your tooth with a dental crown. During every step of the process, he will use precise and gentle techniques to minimize your discomfort as much as possible. Many patients are wary of root canal therapy because of its unpleasant reputation; however, treatment for this common condition is easier and faster than you ever thought possible. Most importantly, the procedure can save your tooth and prevent even more serious oral health issues from developing in the future. 

An x-ray with a tooth highlighted in red

Root canal therapy can help prevent the need for tooth extraction. 

Are You a Candidate for Root Canal Therapy?

Dr. Emalfarb typically recommends root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy, when patients have an infected tooth. Dental infection develops when decay goes undetected or untreated. Eventually, bacteria can work its way into the central chamber of a tooth, where soft pulp, nerve endings, and blood vessels are housed. The bacteria can travel down the dental nerves, causing pronounced discomfort. An infection could also result in chronic bad breath and gum abscesses.  As the pulp dies, a tooth may also develop a dark intrinsic tint.

Root canal therapy is an immensely important treatment because it is the only way that your dentist can save an infected tooth.

Less often, Dr. Emalfarb may recommend a root canal to save a cracked tooth. If a large crack has developed, but it has not extended all the way to the root, endodontic treatment can restore the full functionality of the tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

Prior to your root canal, Dr. Emalfarb will numb your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue so you can be completely comfortable during the procedure.  Then he will create a small opening in your tooth, through which he can access the central chamber. From here, he can remove the damaged soft pulp, simultaneously cleaning out the inside of your tooth and your root canals. The pulp will be replaced with a soft, rubber-like substance called gutta percha. This material will help to seal your tooth and root canals so that bacteria cannot re-enter. Dr. Emalfarb can also reshape the outside of your tooth, sculpting it and removing tissue to make room to accommodate a dental crown. Finally, digital impressions of your tooth will be taken and these molds will be used by our lab to create a customized crown from a naturally colored material. While you are waiting on your restoration to be fabricated (approximately two weeks), we can provide a temporary cap to prevent sensitivity and allow you to eat with relative ease.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is an immensely important treatment because it is the only way that your dentist can save an infected tooth. The procedure may seem complex; however, it is certainly simpler than extracting your tooth and replacing it with a traditional or implant-supported restoration. Even more importantly, you can retain your natural tooth, which is stronger than even the most advanced prosthetics. Plus, when you receive treatment from Dr. Emalfarb, your care can be easy and hassle-free. With his gentle methods and consideration for your comfort and safety, your procedure will be as quick and painless as possible. In almost no time, you could enjoy a full restored smile and a healthy bite.

Restore Dental Function with Root Canal Therapy

To protect your smile from damage and decay, you should schedule biannual preventive care checkups with our team. However, if you are currently suffering from a toothache or other symptoms of a dental infection, you may benefit from root canal therapy. Contact our office online or call Lake View Dental Associates at (773) 472-6322 to find out if this treatment is right for you.

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