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Replace Missing Teeth with a Quality Dental Bridge

Tooth loss can affect the form, function, and health of your smile. If you have lost one or more teeth, there is no need to let gaps in your smile curtail your ability to eat and speak, or limit your quality of life. A dental bridge can replace lost teeth and restore your healthy bite. Dr. Scott Emalfarb in Chicago, IL, offers custom dental bridges, including implant-supported restorations, that can help you enjoy life to the fullest again. With his expertise and patient-focused care, he can help you achieve a healthy, attractive smile.

About Restorative Dental Bridges

A full, healthy dental arch makes it easier to enjoy a varied, nutritious diet and to speak with freedom and clarity. Tooth loss can affect these important aspects of life. Prosthetic teeth can restore your ability to eat and and speak, as well as prevent other teeth from shifting, and provide healthy stimulation for opposing teeth. A dental bridge is ideal for patients who are missing one or two teeth in a row. In some cases, patients who have three consecutively missing teeth can restore their smile with a dental bridge. If you have suffered more significant tooth loss, you may require a partial denture.

There are two main types of dental bridges – traditional and dental implant-supported. Traditional bridges are attached to healthy, adjacent teeth for stability and support. Implant-supported restorations will be held in place by dental implants, which are surgically placed in your jaw. Typically made of a combination of metal and ceramic or all porcelain, Dr. Emalfarb’s dental bridges provide aesthetic, durable results that blend in with your natural smile. 

Illustration of a traditional and implant-supported bridge

Your Dental Bridge Consultation

At Lake View Dental Associates, we are committed to providing a prosthetic solution that meets your needs and complements your lifestyle. Using our advanced digital imaging, including panoramic x-rays and a computerized, 3-D scanner, Dr. Emalfarb can assess your jaw bone to determine your unique health needs and the best restorative solution.

Dr. Emalfarb will used our advanced technology and conservative techniques to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. 

Traditional Restoration Procedure

If you are receiving a traditional bridge, Dr. Emalfarb will first begin by preparing the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile. He will need to remove a portion of enamel to create a stable base for your restoration. Dr. Emalfarb will used our advanced technology and conservative techniques to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible while providing comfortable treatment. Once your teeth have been prepared, we will take impressions to fabricate your restoration. Dental bridges typically take about two weeks to create, and you can wear a temporary restoration while you wait. When your bridge is ready, Dr. Emalfarb will ensure that it meets all of your expectations and fits properly before securing it with dental cement.

Implant-Supported Treatment

Dr. Emalfarb recommends dental implants whenever possible due to their benefits, which include improved bone health and superior aesthetics. During an outpatient procedure, the implants will be placed in your jaw. If you are missing one tooth, a single implant and dental crown can restore your smile without the need for altering healthy teeth. If you are missing two to three teeth in a row, you will typically receive two or more implant posts. While you heal over the next three to six months, your jaw will fuse with the posts. We can provide a temporary restoration for you to wear while your jaw heals. Once fully recovered, we can provide your permanent, highly lifelike restoration.

Rebuild Your Oral Health

Don’t let loose or missing teeth interfere with your health and well-being. Please contact us online today or call (773) 472-6322 to schedule a restorative dentistry consultation with Dr. Emalfarb.

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