Eddie J.

Friendly, comforting, very good at virtually eliminating all pain. Receptive to my questions .... They all work great as a team as well .... Stellar service! I'm afraid of pain and they really were patient with me and helped me thru it .... True professionals! Dr. Emalfarb is kind and knowledgeable .... Their technology is great for showing you large images of your teeth, so you know what you have going on.

Amber K.

I came to Dr. Emalfarb after breaking my front tooth 4 years ago. It was a traumatic experience and I needed a solution with a good cosmetic dentist...and fast. He isn't just good, he's amazing. My only qualm was that I had to go to the lab where my crown was made in the suburbs and being a city gal, I don't have a car. It was a hassle but well worth it. I've had some cavities filled and some cleanings after not having been to the dentist for about 8 years until the front tooth incident. They do great work here. The girls at the front desk are always pleasant and good about calling when there are cancellations to see if you want to come in early. All in all, great experiences. Don't listen to the few bad reviews!

Cheri S.

Dr Emalfarb and the team are excellent!  I am a long time patient and they have helped me keep my teeth in good health and have been excellent at working with my insurance.  Dr Emalfarb does very quality work with no pain, helpful at home tips and 2 cleaning a year with Jenifer the Hygienist are the magic solution.  Also, when you go you can sign a monthly Zoom Whitening drawing.  I won this month and I am so pleased with how my teeth look.  Big smiles!  Thanks team!

Lori M.

Went to Dr Emalfarb after having broke a tooth and 3 dentists later - was finally happy - Felt heard and I trust what Dr. Emalfarb said. Switched my kids here from previous dentist and my daughter's teeth had been mishandled by old dentist. A year later her smile is beautiful and her teeth are cavity free. I trust Dr Emalfarb implicitly. By the wat, we travel from Northbrook to have Dr. Emalfarb as our dentist. We couldn't find a trustworthy good dentist in the suburbs.

Christopher J.

Great dental office hands down....I couldn't be any more satisfied....Dr. Emalfarb is the best!!!

Lizzy L.

I had a ton of dental work done here by both dentists. At first they told me that i had to have over 10 fillings done, which was surprising, to say the least. On the other hand, I had not been to the dentist in 5 years. I got a 2nd opinion, and the 2nd dentist (a trusted dentist back home) confirmed what Dr. Emilfarb told me--I needed a million fillings!

They have been working on my teeth for 3 years, and I am happy to say that I am now cavity-free. I like the front desk people, they are efficient and knowledgable when it comes to insurance and billing.

Julie M.

My last visit @ Lake View Dental Associates was great! Dr. Emalfarb fixed an old filling that had cracked, now it's good as new! I really trust the doctor and his staff to do the right thing @ a fair price.

Jennifer G.

Excellent care & very knowledgeable about occlusion. I felt very comfortable & at ease :)

Nick D.

By far the nicest and most knowledgeable people in the industry! I love this place. If you are not using Lake View Dental you are doing yourself an injustice. Simply the best of the best!

K V.

Dr. Emalfarb and his staff at LVDA provide outstanding service as well as skillful treatment.  Customer focused and teeth-knowledgable place.  I have been a happy client for 7 years.